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Sonia was recommended to us by a close family member to help in the arrangement of our engagement ceremony. She did a superb job, handling each detail with characteristic precision and finesse. She interacted very well with us, gave us her full attention, and made us feel special during the many stages of event planning. The engagement itself proceeded along very nicely, with each of the multiple elements working in sync in order to create a wonderful and memorable evening. Our families and guests had a fantastic time; it's no small feat arranging an event with over 500 guests in an outdoor setting! Thank you so much, Sonia!

Avishek & Deep

Scotch Plains, NJ

Sonia Singh was the best investment we made out of all the things we spent money on for our wedding! Seriously, I am a Type A/OCD/Control Freak who doesn't easily allow people to do things for me bc they usually never do it right. But Sonia literally took care of EVERY need we had for the wedding, and her team was on top of it all on the day of the wedding. You can not go wrong with getting Sonia for your wedding!

Krupa & Teerth

Rye, NY

Sonia was on top of everything. She made the day go smoothly she kept everyone on schedule. She made my big day perfect! There are so many moving parts to consider when planning a big event like a wedding and she was able to keep it together. My family had nothing but great things to say about her.

Neha & Bhavik

Princeton, NJ

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