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Corporate Services

Events Cherished is proud to introduce our Corporate Concierge Program, specially designed to provide personalized,  sub-contracted, Sales and coordination services for Corporate and Small Businesses.


Corporate services deliver a world of benefits from sales and client management, corporate travel and high-end restaurant recommendations to corporate relocation. 


Need someone to handle your inquiries, calls, host your clients, manage your office, we are here to help. We will customize a package to your needs to ensure stress-free business operation without an overwhelming overhead cost.


Planning is the key to the success of your corporate event. Whether it’s a Trade show, Black-Tie event, a Retirement party, a Roast of the CEO, a Retreat, a sales meeting or the Annual holiday party.


At EventsCherished the advice is free, and the results are a success.


Our Corporate Concierge program exceeds expectations by offering personalized services; from running errands to planning vacations, from acquiring event tickets and personal shopping to pet grooming, auto servicing and bringing a party to life, our team will complete all tasks great or small.


Our Corporate Concierge team ensures clients’ to-do lists are checked and completed. According to the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development), the amount and quality of leisure time are important for an employee’s overall well-being and can even bring additional physical and mental health benefits. Our Corporate Concierge team is ready to assist!

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