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Destination Weddings

The best experience in the world, is the world itself. 




We can all agree that Indian weddings are very exciting. They are bright, vibrant, extensively planned, rich of culture,

traditions, and include large guest counts with several days of celebrations.  And more so, when we are blending two cultures, faiths, and traditions. 

We are here to navigate you through the details and help you design a celebration is unique to your love. 

South-Asian Wedding - Where do I start?


Wedding traditions are a significant part of Indian culture, and learning which custom is important to include in your wedding

is the best place to start. Understanding these details will help you determine how many days you will need to reserve at the resort. 

Next we think about budget, guest list, and the type of ceremony you wish to host -  legal or symbolic?

South-Asian destination wedding

Destination weddings allow families and friends to enjoy the week long festivities together without the worry of rushing to and/or from work. 

Everyone takes the time off to take a break, and truly become a part of your celebration. If the families follow different background, bringing everyone together to one location allows everyone to feel comfortable and immerse in the traditions.


As an added perk, destination weddings are more affordable than a traditional celebration. The average 2022 cost of an Indian wedding in a major US city, with 300 guests is between $225,000 and $275,000. By comparison, the same celebration in Mexico can save you $25,000 - $50,000

Sample Event Layout for a South-Asian Wedding


Each celebration is as unique as our couples, and understanding your vision and needs is most important to us. 

While each is request is difference, below is a sample of a 2-day South Asian wedding. 

Planning Services include:

Customized planning with on-site event management

Venue procurement with up to date packages and services customized to your celebration

Room Block negotiation

Vendor booking & management

Reservation management 

Airport transfers for all guests

Welcome Bags for your guests


Guest Pickup from Airport

Check in at hotel

Welcome sign and welcome bag distribution

Event 1 - Mehndi & Sangeet

Private event

Outdoor location  (Pool, Rooftop, Terrace, or Beach options)

Mexican menu

Open Bar

Colorful draping and decorations

Dance floor, Sound system, and Lighting


Dhol or other Live Entertainment

Bridal Hair & Makeup Stylist

Mehndi Artists for guests

Photographer and Videographer Team

Event 2 - Baraat & Ceremony

Baraat Procession in a Car, Decorated Horse, or a Gold Cart

Dhol Player and Mobile DJ

Cold Towels and Fresh Coconut Water

Outdoor Ceremony

Beautiful Mandap, and Shading for your Guests

Beverage Station

Garlands for the Bride & Groom


Event 3 - Baraat & Ceremony

Private event

Ballroom or Outdoors

Traditional Indian menu

Open Bar
Floral Centerpieces

Sweetheart table

Sparkler entrance

LED Dance floor

Sound system, and Lighting


Live Entertainment

Bridal Hair & Makeup Stylist

Photographer and Videographer Team

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